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The Szekszárd Wine Region can be subdivided into two parts: the Szekszárd-hills and more to the West, the Völgység area, with a significantly cooler climate.

The strictly speaking Szekszárd Wine Region is located upon the eastern and southern slopes of the Szekszárd hill. The Szekszárd hill is 100-120 m high in average. It has been formed by the youngest procedures of the Earth's history. Its oxidized, slightly red variety is the so-called "red earth", which is the main soil-type of the Szekszárd red-wine production, since several hundreds of years.

The white-wine production in Szekszárd is subordinated compared to the red-wine production. Welsh-riesling, more recently Chardonnay are the characteristic sorts of grape.

The true "way of expression" of the Szekszárd viticulture is the red wine, reaching popularity in foreign countries as well. The big body and high tannin content of these red wines is provided by the selected grape varieties and by the long fermentation process upon the pips and skins. Typical local red-wine grapes are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Blue-frankish, Merlot, more rarely Zweigelt and Portugais. In addition the full-bodied, tannin-rich, deep ruby-coloured (almost blackish) wines, also lighter, more "slender", fresh rosé wines appeared in the last decade, having a high alcohol-content too.

The full-bodied, alcohol-rich Bikavér (Bull's Blood) of Szekszárd is in fact a cuvée of two ore three red wines. The recipes are jealously guarded by the winemakers. Under Hungarian law, apart from Eger, Szekszárd is the only town entitled to label wines as "Bikavér".

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